Pre-Construction Services

The key to successfully providing accurate and reliable budgeting on any project relies on two key components, understanding the project scope and combining that understanding with a pre-construction team (contractor/subcontractors) who are experienced in the product. At Conlan, we offer a pre-construction leadership team that has the experience in the estimating and management to make your project successful. We believe our clients are best served by project managers who play a lead role in our estimating efforts. This is why all of our project managers work hand-in-hand with our pre-construction managers throughout the entire bid process and in some cases manage the entire bid process themselves. An added benefit is a smooth transition from pre-construction to construction phase of the project because the estimating and management team members are consistent through that transition.

We also firmly believe that our seasoned superintendents play an important role in the pre-construction process and we involve them whenever possible. Because of their involvement in the pre-construction stage, every decision made during the estimating and design phases is tempered with the building process in mind. We believe all successful estimating has at its foundation strong field construction experience.

General Construction

In the world of building construction, there is no substitute for experience. The measure of capability with any construction company is the sum total of the experience of its employees. That is why Conlan is proud that the tenure of our senior superintendents range from 15 years to over 30 years - all at Conlan. We’re also proud of the fact that many of our subcontractors in key building trades are also 15 to 30 year relationships. These experienced subcontractors are key players in our successful construction projects.

Specifically in the warehouse/distribution arena, Conlan has a deep well of experience totaling over 200,000,000 SF.

For us, construction is a partnership between contractor and customer on every project we undertake. We will use the collective experience of our employees and subcontractors to benefit your project. 

Self-Performed Work

The Conlan Company has self-performed the concrete portion on most projects since our founding in 1987. Our ability to self-perform the concrete package gives us total control over cost, schedule and quality of the concrete portion of our projects. We believe this flexibility allows us to offer our clients a cost advantage along with a high quality finished product. Conlan has – in instances where qualified, cost-efficient and quality-oriented concrete subcontractors exist – subcontracted that scope of work. Our goal is the best interest of the project and our client, and we will always work toward that goal.

Design/Build Construction

Some of our clients appreciate and desire single-source responsibility for their design and construction services. Conlan expects to provide our expertise to guide the design of all of our projects toward the most cost-effective, functional and life-cycle-minded solutions available in the industry. Acceptance of the responsibility to perform those services in a design/build process comes second nature to Conlan. Design/build construction gives Conlan the ability to more effectively control the entire process from a construction cost, quality and schedule perspective.

LEED/Sustainable (LEED, GBCI, USGBC)

Acronyms like LEED, GBCI and USGBC (among others) have become synonymous with green construction practices in our industry over the past decade. At Conlan, we understand that sustainability is a critical issue to our clients and our industry, and we strive to address this concern on every job regardless of labels and certifications. For example, we educate our employees, subcontractors, and vendors regarding the importance of recycling, bulk shipping materials, and utilizing proper green cleaning procedures.

We also understand the importance of proactive involvement from a green project’s conception. That’s why we manage the contractor responsibilities for the project and implement the necessary plans and programs during construction. We have experienced LEED Accredited Professionals (AP’s) on staff to assist our clients with GBCI registration and help them to obtain their project's desired USGBC Certifications.

Conlan has fully embraced green construction by utilizing regional materials, diverting our construction waste from landfills via recycling, reducing heat island effect with white membrane roof systems, and using high-efficiency HVAC equipment and lighting. We have never failed to achieve the targeted LEED Certification level for any of our projects.

The Conlan Company is a committed member of U.S. Green Building Council

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