A construction company’s capability is measured by its experience and success. Since our first project completed in 1988 to our latest e-commerce facility and data center, we have been building both. While success may mean something different from one company to the next, to us it means we are doing what we set out to do – bring together an exceptional group of people who love to build and for clients who think of us first for their projects.

A Blueprint
for Success

In construction, you can’t wing it – you need a plan. That’s why at Conlan, the foundation of every successful project begins in the critical pre-construction phase. We believe in diligent preparation to ensure we not only make promises, but also deliver on them. Underpinned by years of experience and in-depth comprehension, we strive for accurate and reliable budgeting and scheduling. Our pre-construction team works in tandem with our project management team to ensure seamless transitions from the exploratory phase right through to actual construction.

Site Studies & Evaluation

We work with customers to evaluate development costs on different sites, identifying advantages and disadvantages related to differing site conditions.


We seek competitive pricing from trusted subcontractors to bring you the most competitive and reliable budget. We take particular care and time to prequalify potential subcontractors.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

We advise our clients on the cost impacts of different building materials, paving, building clear heights, slab on grade design, and building systems.

Innovative Options

Through our experience, we can recognize and propose innovative value engineering ideas to save costs and improve the schedule. In addition, we strive to meet each client’s goals for sustainability and can offer options to meet those goals.


We can provide a design-build delivery method, ranging from MEP design build to full project design responsibility.


Conlan’s experienced managers develop a comprehensive schedule which takes into account lead times, seasonal impacts, and critical milestones, such as early access for tenant equipment and material handling systems.

A Commitment
to Excellence

With Conlan, safety is not just a consideration; it’s the foundation of our operations. Our unwavering commitment drives us to deliver a high-quality, value-oriented product. This steadfast approach is designed to uplift not just our reputation, but also the esteem of our clients.

Throughout the construction process, each decision we make is carefully evaluated against key performance metrics – time, quality, and budget – with quality taking precedence above all else. It’s not an aspiration; it’s deeply ingrained in everything we do. From the preconstruction phase to the final close-out, we promise that your best interests will always mirror ours.

general construction

Performing with

Since 1987, Conlan has self-performed concrete packages on a majority of our projects. This in-house approach enables us to control cost, schedule and quality – and clients benefit directly. Our team of carpenters, operators, and craft workers are masters of their craft, primed to convert ambitious blueprints into tangible realities.


Where We’ve Built

The Conlan Company has completed jobs from the East Coast to California, becoming a nationally recognized commercial contractor and a leader in light industrial construction. We’re always willing to go wherever our clients need us, supplying them with the experience and expertise to complete their projects on time, on budget, and at the highest quality.

Our Projects

Braselton 124

Braselton, Georgia
Square Footage: 356,073