The Conlan Way

In 1987, Gary Condron sat down at his kitchen table and wrote down six core commitments. These are the very promises we make to our clients and to each other, and they’ve driven every decision we’ve made since our inception. They form the core of who we are, the pillars of what we do, and the foundation for the reputation we’ve built. They are the Conlan Way.

Repeat Clients

We firmly believe that the best way to secure new business is by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations on every project we take on. We’ve made it our mission to be the contractor that our clients can depend on time and again, no matter the circumstances.

Build Team

A strong company doesn’t thrive without its people. At Conlan, everyone has a chance to thrive. We build from within, giving our team members the training and experience to grow their careers. The result? A capable, skilled workforce and an environment that fosters innovation.

Develop Relationships

Building and maintaining long-term relationships are the cornerstone of our business. From clients that we have partnered with for nearly 30 years to subcontractors and vendors that work with us from state to state, Conlan is proud to have built a foundation that allows these relationships to prosper.

Deliver Quality

Quality is the standard for everything we undertake. We treat each project as an opportunity to deliver a high-quality, value-oriented product to enhance our reputation as well as the client’s.

Provide Opportunity

We offer our team members a multitude of ways to grow. Many of our leaders today started early in their careers with Conlan, and many of our future leaders are climbing the ranks right now. We value each person’s unique talents and aspirations and are proud to empower them to achieve their career goals.

Prosper Together

When our clients thrive, we thrive. We take pride in assembling teams that are tailored to achieve our clients’ objectives. With this client-first, personalized approach, we bolster our reputation – but more importantly, we foster a future where we all succeed together.

Work at Conlan

At Conlan, summer internships can become life-long careers, because we don’t just hire employees – we invest in individuals. Find out why people who start here finish here – many of our team members have been with us for 15 to over 30 years.