A Foundation of Safety, A Commitment to Our People

People are our most valuable asset, and we are deeply committed to creating and sustaining a safe working environment for everyone on our project sites. We prioritize equipping our team with the training and support necessary for their safety and their success.

Our efforts are guided by these principles

Developing a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Program.

Providing essential training and education to ensure excellent safety performance.

Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, learning from our experiences and implementing new programs and training as needed.

Creating a daily culture of safety that improves employee confidence, work quality, and our reputation while reducing accidents, illnesses and employee turnover.

We take safety very seriously and continually enhance our EH&S Program. This includes expanded safety training, standardized orientations for employees and subcontractors, accessible video resources in English and Spanish and regular Safety Stand Down Weeks at all project sites to reflect our consistent pledge for safety.

Arrive at work rested, prepared and safety trained.

Work safety conscious in every task.

Alert others of any safety hazards and potential risks.

React responsibly to others and to yourself.

Everyone goes home safe every day in the same way they arrived to work.

Our safety-first approach – “Work Safety AWARE Every Day” – embodies our belief that we can collectively establish a daily culture of safety.