The Conlan

The Conlan Promise

At Conlan, we see ourselves as more than just builders, with commitments that extend beyond clients and team members. We consider ourselves proactive contributors to our community who are making a lasting difference with every project we embark upon. We call this Mindful Construction – the idea that what we do today affects tomorrow.

Our Pledge to the Planet

As we build structures that shape communities, we bear a profound sense of responsibility toward the environment. We consider ourselves guests in these communities and pledge to be good neighbors while we’re there. That means taking steps to minimize our carbon footprint, implementing sustainable methods wherever possible and incorporating environmental, health and safety considerations into every project plan.

Our Dedication to Diversity

Inclusion and equity constitute the foundation of Conlan’s work environment. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering a space where everyone can thrive professionally. And once you’re part of the Conlan team, we believe in empowering you with the tools, resources and opportunities for your career to flourish.

Our Ongoing Engagements

True success at Conlan is not marked solely by the projects we deliver. It is also measured by how we enrich and uplift the communities where we work and live. Over the years, we have given back in meaningful ways – including financial contributions, donating essentials to shelters and food banks, supporting local charities and other philanthropic efforts.

Year after year, we have been thrilled to host or participate in various charitable events, such as the Dallas/Fort Worth St. Jude Walk/Run and our Annual Conlan Cup Golf Tournament. For more than 20 years, we’ve also supported Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. These commitments highlight our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change and creating a better world beyond our construction sites. Join us as we continue to build not just structures, but also communities and better tomorrows.

Work at Conlan

At Conlan, summer internships can become life-long careers, because we don’t just hire employees – we invest in individuals. Find out why people who start here finish here – many of our team members have been with us for 15 to over 30 years.